Crate training

There are so many different sleeping strategies: crate, playpen, sleeping on the same bed as the owner, etc. This post is focusing on crate training. Hope some combination of the below will work for you. For us personally, we had Isabelle in the crate for the first 2 months. She was ~11 weeks when we got her so it was a bit easier for the crate training. After, she was too big for the crate, she complained quite a bit at night so we transitioned her to the playpen.

  1. Sleep next to the crate and lightly tap on the crate if the puppy cries until the puppy falls asleep. If the puppy is able to fall asleep, after a few days (or even first night), you can move to your own bedroom with the door opens.
  2. Move the crate right beside the bed, covered the top
  3. Put your uncleaned cloth into the Crate so the puppy has a familiar smell
  4. Buy a snuggle puppy (SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Toy)
  5. Try to get the puppy to use the crate during the day, play crate games, etc.
  6. Leave the radio on or add some white noise
  7. Covering the crate
  8. Lots of treats when the puppy is in the crate.

You can also check out Zak George on YouTube for crate training technique