Daily brushing duty – tips and tricks on brushing your dog

A lot of people like poodle-type of curly coat due to minimum shedding and near hypoallergenic. However curly coat pup comes with a lot of coat maintenance duties. The first and foremost is brushing.

Tools required:

  • Metal comb
  • Slicker brush
  • Wet brush
  • Detangling/de-matting spray

Brushing Process

I love the fluffy look, and I am so scared of having mat and she has to be shaved. So I made daily brush Isabelle a serious duty. Initially when she was less than 12 weeks, it was fairy easy to brush her with the metal comb to keep her from mat free. Notice the comb has a wider and a narrower teeth sections. I started with wider and then did the second round with the other side. Isabelle had very lightweight and thin puppy coat. She was shedding quite a bit hence daily brushing reduced shedding significantly.

Isabelle started to blow her adult coat around 16 weeks. That’s where I noticed that the metal comb wasn’t as effective anymore. A lot of people recommended the CC brush. But I didn’t want to invest over hundreds of dollars on a sleeker brush yet. I got the Wahl sleeker brush from Ren’s pet. So far it is a game changer. I follow the line brush technique and brush her daily.

The importance of line brushing is to move section by section slowly. The sleeker brush needs to go all the way to the skin as shown in the picture below. Every brush session takes about 30 mins these days. Isabelle gets her favourite bully stick during the brushing session.

Finishing Spray

I really like the best short finishing spray. I use it after shower to cut drying time. I use it every other day which really helps with removing small tangles. It also makes her smell good ☺️.

Finally the wet brush is very useful when I don’t have 30 mins and just want to run through quickly. I also use the wet brush when washing her.

The key is to have patience and be persistent if you want to maintain a good fluffy coat. Or trim the curly hair short. LOL.

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