Limber tail syndrome

Limber tail is not usually a serious condition. This is an injury to the dog’s tail muscle causing the tail to appear limp. In certain cases, the dog could be in pain and running circle if they try to wag the limber tail. This injury usually need a few days to recover.

It is usually caused by dog that has been swimming in too cold or too warm water (rarely). It is basically a tail sprain from trying to wag vigorously against the resistance of the water. It could also due to the dog that has been in a small crate for too long.

The usual treatment is to let the dog rests for a few days and no water play for 7 days. If the dog is in significant pain, you can visit the veterinarian office for treatments to reduce the pain and inflammation such as anti-inflammatory drugs or pain reliever.

To prevent this condition, we transitioned Isabelle early from the smaller crate to the big playpen. We only put Isabelle in the playpen when we need to leave the home or at night when she needs to sleep. We cannot wait for Isabelle to be less destructive around the house and remove the playpen. Since we are having a swimming pool soon, we need to watch out for this condition and slowly introduces her to the pool and limit her play time.

You can check out this website for more information on the condition.