The never-ending Tick topic – tick preventation for dog and puppy

The summer season is here and there are so many ticks around in the trails that we walk every weekend. Luckily there are both natural and medical preventation for dogs and puppy that help when they catch a tick. This post describes a few options for your research prior to talking to your veterinarian. For our Isabelle, we give her Nexgard Spectra monthly for Tick prevention.

Natural prevention:

  • Plan peppermint or spearmint around the house/bush line on the inside to prevent your dog from eating them (could be toxic for dog)

Medical prevention options:

  • Nexgard Spectra monthly dosage
  • EM collar
  • Bravecto (warning: do not let dog breathes in the medication – could cause lung damage)
  • Revolution
  • Advantix II

What to do if you catch a tick on your dog:

  • Take a photo and send to
  • Call your vet

Check out the Health section for other health topics to follow.

Our Isabelle is on the monthly Nexgard Spectra. No issue so far and we did spot 2 ticks on her fur this summer season.

Isabelle with NexGuard tick medical preventation